Creating long-term value in every asset we manage

We are highly entrepreneurial, aggressive and creative in our property management and acquisition practices, yet very disciplined in managing to achieve our investment plans and budgets. We constantly strive to excel in our property management practice and create lifelong value in every property we operate.

Acquisition and management of multifamily and commercial properties

YMP Real Estate Management, LLC is a private real estate firm engaged in the acquisition and management of both multifamily and commercial properties. Currently, YMP REM has a portfolio consisting of thousands of multifamily units and millions of square feet of commercial space. YMP REM's portfolio is located in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and New Jersey.

Continuing to expand our holdings

YMP REM is currently in the market to acquire “Value Add” & “Core” assets in both multi-family and commercial asset classes. Generally, YMP REM’s target area is within the Florida, Birmingham, Atlanta, North Carolina and Northern New Jersey markets. YMP REM will consider value-based acquisitions outside of their core markets.